Souffleur, an innovative and Open Source
teleprompter solution

Dans le cadre de ses activités de production de vidéos pédagogiques, l’équipe TICE de Mines ParisTech a développé un prototype de prompteur innovant. Le développement a été réalisé spécifiquement pour faciliter la production de ressources pédagogiques en contexte académique. Elle cherche à prendre en compte les contenus complexes (dans la forme et la structure), à favoriser l’expérience des enseignants pendant le tournage et à faciliter le travail de postproduction.

Une solution Libre Open Source

Une solution clé en main

Une solution souple et puissante, basée sur des technologies Web

Transformez votre installation, en studio intelligent !

Pilotez l’ensemble à l’aide d’une simple télécommande à slides


Getting started with your preinstalled SouffleurPi

Open the application

Open a document

Manage documents in your “Projects” folder

The “Projects” folder is your projects internal drive. You can manipulate the folder content using Microsoft SMB protocol.


The settings window enables the configuration of each connected device. In the above figure, we can see two configuration blocks, one for the “remote” computer, one for the “prompter1” screen.

Action bar

When the toolbar is visible, on the right of the screen, you can see the following tools :

Start/Stop the prompter

Start/Stop to record. Wait 3 seconds, then start the promter (This button appears only if you are connected with BlackMagic Hyperdecks. Here, we are connected with 3 recorders).
Increase/Decrease the prompter speed
Go upper/further

Keyboard shortcuts

Below, we present a table of working shortcuts :

vToggle toolbar visibility
+/-Increase/Decrease speed
🡄/🡆Increase/Decrease speed
🡅/🡇Go upper/further
(Page up/Page down)
in playing mode : Increase/Decrease speed ; Go upper/further

Logitech R400 Presentation Remote

This device, connected to a remote computer, can be used as a keyboard to control the main functions of Souffleur.

The two first buttons 🡄/🡆  in playing mode : Increase/Decrease speed ; Go upper/further
The bottom-left button ▶ Start/Stop
The bottom-right button Start/Stop recording

Projects formating

The syntax of .txt project files is inspired by the Markdown syntax.

Here is a sample file :

//id: lorem ipsum
//author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
//title: Lorem ipsum – sample file

# 1. Lorem Ipsum
## 1.1 Aliquam convallis
!img: Slide1.png: First Slide
Aliquam convallis sollicitudin purus. Praesent aliquam, enim at fermentum mollis, ligula massa adipiscing nisl, ac euismod nibh nisl eu lectus.

## 1.2. Fusce vulputate
!img: Slide2.png: Second Slide
* Fusce vulputate sem at sapien.
* Vivamus leo. Aliquam euismod libero eu enim.
* Nulla nec felis sed leo placerat imperdiet.
//id:the “id” parameter is used to identificate. This “id” is used by recorders as files prefix.
//author:the “author” parameter is used to attach the author name. This parameter is unused for the moment.
//title:the “title” parameter is used to attach a title to the project. This parameter is unused for the moment.
# titleA line beginning with a sharp + space is a title
## subtitleA line beginning with a double sharp + space is a subtitle
### subtitleetc.
* ItemA line beginning with “*” + space define a list item
!img: image path: image titleAttach an image in the “Aux” track of the project

Advanced configuration

SouffleurPi is powered by the Debian-based Raspbian operating system.

You can access to the system using physical devices (keyboard and screen) or a ssh connexion using the following default Raspbian login/password :


Connect BlackMagic Hyperdecks

Souffleur can be connected with a pool of Hyperdecks. Therefore, you will be able to start/stop recording directly from the interface of the prompter.

For the moment, you have to declare Hyperdecks in a configuration file “/etc/souffleur.conf”, in the Raspberry files system.

Edit the configuration file “/etc/souffleur.conf” with the small text editor “nano”

sudo nano /etc/souffleur.conf

Here is an exemple of configuration file with two declarated Hypedecks (lines beginning with # are ignored)



hyperdeck1_name="Hyperdeck Mini 1"

hyperdeck2_name="Hyperdeck Mini 2"

#hyperdeck3_name="Hyperdeck Mini 3"


Changes in the configuration file only take effect after a restart of the server.

sudo service souffleur restart

In order to restart the service, you can also, switch off/on the Raspberry Pi

Set a WPA encryption for the Wifi hotspot

The hotspot is managed by the “hostapd” application. To activate WPA, please edit the hostapd configuration file “/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf”.

Here is an exemple of setting with WPA encryption activated :



To take effect changes in the configuration file, please, restart the Raspberry Pi.

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